Safety Advisor Oy - Notified Competence

The Finnish Transport Safety Agency has nominated Safety Advisor Oy as an Assessment Body according to the Commission Regulation (EU) 402/2013.

Safety Advisor Oy is inspection body No. I033 accredited by FINAS Finnish Accreditation Service. The accreditation is valid until 11th October 2023. Information about the scope and the current status of the accreditation is available on the web page FINAS - I033.

Management of Functional Safety

The distribution of failures is often described by the causes identified during the system life-cycle:

- Specification phase (44%)

- Design and implementation (15%)

- Installation and commissioning (6%)

- Operations and maintenance (15%)

- Changes after commissioning (20%)

(Source: Health & Safety Executive HSE - UK)

Analyzing and describing the risks and potential safety hazards of the system or application forms the base for defining safety functions.

Validation and verification of the safety system specifications and implementation phases sets the defined boundaries for system design.

In professional engineering design, implementation and commissioning is in general based on the best engineering practices and defined processes. However the lack of evidence (documentation) is in many cases the reason not to qualify in the safety assessment of the implementation.

The knowledge of the safety functions of the system may vanish in time. In normal operation the demand for the actual safety function is rare. The safety system implementation may not contain the analysis of the risks or proper work procedures when affecting the safety functions during maintenance.

Changes after commissioning are caused by process changes and the need to improve the functionality of the system. Analysing the impact on the safety system may be neglected because of the high pressure on completing the change in a limited time.

Safety Advisor Oy has gained years of experience in utilizing, inspecting and assessing electronic programmable systems for safety-related systems and applications.

Safety Advisor Oy is a reliable partner for practical Independent Safety Assessment (ISA) services for the Functional Safety Management